The Faculty of Humanities (formerly Faculty of Arts) at Nelson Mandela University is a vibrant, imaginative and socially engaged space and place, in which a diversity of interesting and valuable qualifications are offered in three interdisciplinary schools: Visual and Performing Arts Governmental and Social Sciences and Language, Media and Communication.

As an undergraduate student in the Humanities faculty, you can benefit from a variety of courses such as: art, applied design, fashion, journalism, media, sociology, anthropology, history, French, public relations and communications, Xhosa, English, philosophy, literature, fashion, politics and governmental studies.

Postgraduate students can also benefit from rich supervisory experience and industry relevant skills provided by well-trained lecturers and professors in the faculty. A major focus of the faculty is on engendering a humanising pedagogy in the university context. Ultimately, the unique and contemporary blend of course offerings will help you to intelligently and productively analyse the rich complexity of life in the 21st Century and equip you, as a graduate, to meet the ethical, social and political challenges in a rapidly changing South Africa and global society.

Professor Mary Duker
Acting Executive Dean: Faculty of Humanities

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Webinar - Get to know the Faculty of Humanities

Contact information
Ms Drucilla Nzioki
Manager: Faculty Administration
Tel: 27 41 504 3252

Ncedisa Mtise
PA to the Dean
Tel: 041 504 2187