Questionnaire to First Year students in the Faculty of Humanities

Dear First year student

Thank you for participating in our survey on online learning in the Humanities Faculty. You can opt out of it at any stage as your participation is voluntary. Your responses will be anonymous. Please answer the following questions so that we can understand your online learning experiences and continue to improve these.

Do you have access to a device (laptop, desktop, tablet etc.) for learning online:


How effective has learning remotely been for you at university?:


Do you experience difficulty using teaching and learning applications or platforms such as Moodle, Microsoft Teams and other platform:


Are you familiar with a computer:


Face-to-face learning with your lecturer is necessary for learning to occur. How do you feel about this statement:


Which online platform do you find most accessible (easy to use):


What is your overall feeling about having entering university without having the experience of face-to-face learning:


Which types of online assessments enable you to work at ease:


Are your online assessments:



Which of the following online assessments have you engaged with thus far:



In terms of assessments, my online progress has been:


Choose one or more of the learning resources you have used for online learning:


Do you print out study material for reading purposes:


Are your online classes well organised:


Does your lecturer actively engage you online (e.g., through using break-out rooms, polls, word-clouds, discussions, questions:


Do you prefer live online classes or pre-recorded:


How much time on average do you spend each day on online classes:


How comfortable is it for you to engage (ask questions or make comments) during online class:



Do you listen attentively during online classes:



Was it difficult to maintain a relationship with your lecturer online:



What mode of communication do you use to communicate with your lecturer?:



When in need of clarity regarding your academic work in online learning, do you:


I have access to a tutor in:


My tutor is:



Did you get to know other students well in your online classes:


Do you have opportunities in online learning to have deep discussions about societal issues and challenges:


Is online learning teaching you to think critically about issues confronting humanity:


My online module content contains reference to:


The online module content was current and up to date:


Do you make use of the learning material and resources provided by your lecturers on Moodle, MS Teams:


Do you attend Faculty or institutional webinars to enrich your knowledge:



My online communication with Faculty and Institutional administrators during this online period has been:



Do you experience language as a barrier when comprehending and processing information and completing written tasks, content, and assessments online:


Are you encouraged to use other languages to understand module content in your online classes:


Would you like to see your online classes/course material presented in other languages:


If so, which languages would these be? Please select your choice of language:


Have there been any advantages of online learning for you as a student:



Does online learning make you feel anxious:



My lecturers mostly display compassion and care online:



I feel I am missing out on campus life being online:



Online Learning is Lonely:



It is difficult to manage expectations at home (e.g., chores) and do online learning:


I feel anxious about face-to-face lectures in 2023:



Do you think your online learning experience can be improved:




Which of the following teaching and learning modes do you prefer:



Is two < than eight? (true/false)

POPIA information:
The Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 (POPI Act) was promulgated and implemented on 1 July 2020. All personal identifiable information provided by you shall be treated in accordance with this statute and only used for academic and academic administration purposes, as indicated in the University’s Privacy Policy. By providing your information, you are giving consent for the use of all your personal identifiable information, provided to the University, for the aforesaid purposes.