About us

Welcome to the Digital Humanities Hub at Nelson Mandela University, established in 2023. Our hub reflects a dedicated commitment to revitalizing the Humanities through digital exploration. Grounded in our university's strategic vision for Transdisciplinarity, interdisciplinarity, and African-focused education, we engage in initiatives encompassing Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Social Justice, and advancements in Learning and Teaching for the Digital Era.


Digital Humanities?

The Nelson Mandela University's Digital Humanities Hub was established in 2023 as a pioneering initiative committed to reshaping the academic landscape through digital exploration. Positioned at the intersection of technology and humanities, this intellectual space goes beyond physical and digital confines, fostering collaboration, innovation, and critical thought.

The journey of Digital Humanities at Nelson Mandela, spanning nearly a decade, mirrors a dedicated effort to establish a hub where interdisciplinary collaboration thrives. Acknowledging the pivotal role played by university leadership, including the current Deanery of the Faculty of Humanities, Prof Maseko and Dr Lück, as well as the former Institutional Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching, Prof Denise Zinn, this initiative stands at the forefront of digital humanities exploration.

The Digital Humanities Hub aspires to be a leading contributor to revitalising and Africanising the Humanities, offering a transdisciplinary home for diverse engagements.

The hub pledges to harness the power of technology for education, research, and societal impact. The hub functions as a catalyst for collaboration, bringing scholars together to collectively address complex challenges. Digital literacy becomes essential for students, empowering them to navigate a world where technology intersects with the human experience.

Objectives include establishing collaborative digital platforms, developing digital archives, promoting digital literacy, fostering Trans-, multi-, and interdisciplinarity, and facilitating public engagement. Thematising activities around Indigenous knowledge systems, social justice, learning and teaching in the digital era, and research and engagement aim to create spaces for collaborative exploration and learning.

In essence, the Digital Humanities Hub signifies a paradigm shift, affirming dedication to knowledge, collaboration, and revitalising the humanities. Drawing inspiration from Nelson Mandela's legacy, the transformative power of education is understood. The Digital Humanities Hub pays tribute to his vision, aligning with the commitment to shaping a brighter future through knowledge and understanding.


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